Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science Program in Medical Technology

B.Sc. (Medical Technology)

Program structure

4 years (not more than 8 years)

Total credits not less than 146 credits

    1.    General Education course           30      credits
    2.    Specific Requirement course
      •               General course          43      credits
      •               Required course       61      credits
      •               Elective course          6       credits3.
    3. Free elective course                          6       credits

Job Opportunities

  • Medical technologists work in Healthcare such as hospital, Medical laboratory in public and private company. (Graduates need to request for Graduation Registration)
  • Researcher/Scientist work in laboratory
  • Entrepreneur/Sales Representative of Tools and laboratory equipment
  • Higher education in basic science and applied science especially in medical field.
  • Freelance