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    The Center was developed from a consortium of research groups in the Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Khon Kaen University aiming in research and development both basic and applied. The final goal is to produce self-sustainable science and technology based upon local wisdom to solve local health problems with the emphasis on end product that could be widely used locally and internationally, Thailand relies tremendously on imports of medical diagnostic products. Since the economic crisis in 1997 , the government has encouraged the initiation of strategic activities promoting exports and reducing imports to revitalize the Thai economy. It is appreciated that a self-sustainable economy would solve the problems. Based upon basic knowledge gained locally on local health problems, it is anticipated that targeted medical diagnostic kits could be produced and finally manufactured in the country, reducing imported products and leading to self sustainability and an excellent research center for the region. With the good track records of the research groups at the Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, a research and development center entitled “Center for Research and Development of Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (CMDL)” was founded in 2002. This was initiated by Khon Kaen University with a seeding fund in the first year and with full support in the following years (4-5 million baht/year) for five years starting from 2003. The center emphasizes 4 areas of research and development consisting of 4 projects as follows:


1 : Research and Development in Prevention and Control of Thalassemia Project
2: Research and Development in Cancer Project
3: Research and Development in Transplantation and Molecular Immunology Project
4: Research and Development in Laboratory Diagnosis for Infectious Diseases



     Excellence in research and development in medical diagnostics to international standard and an established reference clinical laboratory in Asia-Oceania emphasizing development in science and technology and technology transfer for self-sustainability and finally commercialization.


     Recruitment of researchers and expansion of collaborative research network both nationally and internationally as well as researching, developing and transferring technology, especially in medical diagnostic products for local use and training of researchers through post-graduate programs and post-doctoral training.


CMDL is an excellent research and development center in medical diagnostics with full facilities to support good international research based upon local health problems, as well as supporting and promoting post-graduate studies. CMDL is an international and regional reference clinical laboratory acting as a training center for both clinical laboratory service and research. CMDL is a center for development and production of medical diagnostic kits and products with international standard. CMDL is a national and international collaborative research center.


     Establishment of a good practical laboratory aiming at directed research and development in 4 areas: control and prevention of thalassemia, cancer, transplantation and molecular immunology and laboratory diagnosis for infectious diseases. Providing clinical laboratory services related to the 4 research areas. Research and development in medical diagnostic methodology and products. Providing clinical laboratory and research training as well as producing good researchers. Providing post-graduate training at MSc, PhD and postdoctoral levels.

Strategic plans

     Recruitment of researchers and expansion of a collaborative research network nationally and internationally through post-graduate studies. Providing good research facilities and infrastructure to produce good science attracting research funding nationally and internationally. Research and development in basic and applied science to continuously produce international publications. Technology, know-how and knowledge transfer to targeted operational units. Research and development in medical diagnostic methodology, technology and regents leading to locally produced but national and international standard products to reduce imports and for commercialization