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Cardiovascular Research Group; CVRG, Khon Kaen University


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The Cardiovascular Research Group of Khon Kaen University was founded in 2006 with funding from Khon Kaen University, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences. The Group was initiated by a group of lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Queensirikit Heart Center of the Northeast. These lecturers have interests and research experiences in cardiovascular diseases, which cause high death tolls, so they conduct various activities concerning the issue. The activities include in vitro, animal, and human studies. They also include studies on herbs for disease prevention, which can be developed for commercial production, academic talks, and the exchange of knowledge and experiences between Thai and foreign experts. The research group aims to produce graduates of higher education, provide academic services to the community, present research work in various ways, and publish research work in both national and international journals.
At present, the group comprises 26 members.
The Cardiovascular Research Group is one of the strongest cardiovascular research groups with high capability in research development.
The mission of the Cardiovascular Research Group is to gather specialists, produce new researchers, build up research cooperation, and establish new knowledge and technological transfer to support effective cardiovascular treatments and preventions.
Prof. Pyatat Tatsanavivat, MD.
Committee Members
Assoc. Prof. Nongnuch Settasatian, Ph.D. Vice-director
Asst. Prof. Chatri Settasatian, Ph.D. Finance
Assoc. Prof. Nantarat Komanasin, Ph.D. Secretary
Assoc. Prof. Natthida Weerapreeyakul, Ph.D. Asst. Secretary
Mrs. Preeyaporn Tawana Clerk

  • To gather researchers who are highly interested and have experience in conducting cardiovascular research
  • To conduct in vitro research, as well as animal and human research; to study herbs for knowledge that can be further developed for prevention; to find new and effective methods for the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of diseases

Activities (From 1997-2009)

  • The Group had been funded by a 3 million baht grant from Khon Kaen University and 0.5 million baht donation by the Faculty of Medicine Three continuous research plans, consisting of 12 projects, were funded with 4.9 million baht
  • There were five projects of academic community services with 1.5 million baht granted.
  • The number of graduate students included 9 master and 2 doctoral.
  • Six research papers were presented in national conferences and 13 in international conferences. Seven research papers were published in national journals and five in international journals.


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