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Medical Technology

Associate Professor Pipat Sribenjalux
Chair of the School

The School of Associated Medical Technology comprises four departments: Department of Clinical Chemistry, Department
of Clinical Microbiology, Department of Clinical Microscopy, and Department of Clinical Immunology and Blood Transfusion.
The School has 50 lecturers, 38% of whom hold a master’s degree,
whilst 62% hold a PhD. 54% of the lecturers have obtained the title of associate professor, and 34% of them are assistant professors.
These highly qualified lecturers are responsible for two undergraduate
and five graduate programs.

The School of Medical Technology is a leading institution in the field of
associated medical sciences in Thailand and in the ASEAN community.

The mission of the School consists of the following:

    • To produce graduates equipped with ethical and service-oriented minds.
    • To promote research in medical technology.
    • To provide education based on learner-centeredness and good governance.
    • To preserve and promote arts and culture.


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